River Rock


The Northern Experience Without The Drive. 

Have you ever wanted to travel up north without the hours of driving to get there? Look no further! River Rock Bar and Grill is your northern experience without the drive. River Rock provides the best of Pure Michigan straight to Holly. Providing thirst quenching Michigan craft beers, decadent northern Michigan wines, and complex bourbons crafted right here in Michigan. River Rock Bar and Grill supplies the very best the Mitten has to offer. From dedicating tap handles to our local breweries to using Michigan spirits in a variety of dishes, our commitment to the state and surrounding community is reflected in everything we do. 


Step into an experience where food, music and the pure Michigan culture collide to create one of the most memorable evenings you'll ever experience in Holly, MI. River Rock Bar and Grill's live entertainment is the kind of place where you can let your hair down and let the good times roll, with a bar up front and live music playing while you enjoy your evening with good company and memories to take home and share. 

Special Events

Every day, our entire staff aims to please and deliver the best to the enthusiasts of what Pure Michigan offers whether its craft beer, bourbons and even Michigan wines.

Please take a look below to see our daily flyers, and be a part of what makes the true northern experience.

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